Covid 19 Protocols for Massage Spa

Covid 19 Protocols for Massage Spa in Dallas, Texas

All massage spas in Texas including The Nook Spa are supposed to follow Covid-19 Protocols for Massage Spas Dallas. This is a set of guidelines that employees get trained on, and are critical to be followed to ensure we don’t contract the deadly virus. The Nook Spa has a 4-step protocol:

Step 1: Wearing Face Masks is Mandatory

The coronavirus is an airborne virus, which has spread despite people social distancing and staying 6 feet apart. That’s why it’s critical to keep the masks on whenever it’s possible. We encourage this by providing free face masks to both employees and customers. You can take it off shortly but it’s an ethical, moral, and health-related responsibility to keep the masks on as much as possible to contain the viral load.

Step 2: Regularly Screen Employee Health

This is the only way to ensure your staff is not carrying the virus. The Nook Spa screens its employees every week for Covid-19 symptoms, and if they have any, they are sent home to stay quarantined until they recover. The regular recovery period is 14 days but may differ for some employees. If any employee needs to return to work before that, they are required to present a doctor’s permit.

Step 3: Regularly Screen Employee Health

In order to promote a sanitized and hygienic, virus-free environment, we also ensure both our clients and staff members have the necessary hygiene supplies available. The Nook Spa has a no-touch trash bin, paper towels, both cold and hot water in sinks, disinfectants for cleaning floors, disinfectant sprays for wiping surfaces, disposable gloves, disposable masks, and alcohol-based sanitizer having a minimum of 60% alcohol in it. This further keeps the viral load minimized by routine cleaning.

Step 4: Ensure Clients Don’t Spread the Virus Either

Last but not the least, the clients entering The Nook Spa could also be carrying the virus. To combat this threat, we use a forehead thermometer that involves no skin contact, don’t allow clients to bring in more than one person with them, request them to reschedule if they experience any Covid-19 symptoms, and make appointments instead of walking in to get our services.
Be it acupuncture, sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, or the popular Thai massage, you can get it all at The Nook Spa. We are a wellness and total restoration spa following Covid-19 Protocols for Massage Spas Dallas.